Local gastronomy

What to taste in the region :

Of course: the emblematic goat cheeses and “mojettes piates” (white beans) from Poitou!

But also:

  • “Tourteau fromager”, a surprising cheese cake made from cow’s milk or mixed goat’s milk
  • “Broyé du Poitou”, the pastry that children can prepare at Domaine de La Barre
  • “Farci poitevin”
  • Echiré AOC (label of reported origin) Butter
  • Angelica, in different forms: strong alcohol, sweet sticks, candies …
  • Melon of Poitou, Deux-Sèvres being the 3rd largest French producer
  • And for more adventure: snails (the “lumas” in the local dialect), frogs and eels

You can accompany these specialties with Anjou wines whose vineyards are making their foray into North Deux-Sèvres.

Lovers of very good food will find exceptional restaurants near Saumur and Cholet in 40 minutes to an hour from the Domaine de La Barre. Two young chefs David Guitton from “La Table de la Bergerie” and Thibaut Ruggeri from “Fontevraud Le Restaurant” have now their Michelin star.Another star: Mickaël Pihours from “Le Gambetta” in Saumur has a delightful menu.

Starless, but worth a detour: “Château Colbert” in Maulévrier and “La Belle Etoile” in Niort.

To taste local specialties, the Cardinaud pier in Magné will delight you!

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