For trainers

Trainers, coaches, therapists who support self-development trainings are very welcome at the Domaine de La Barre. They can work in harmony with the high vibrations present on our site.

We offer 2 different and complementary rooms: the traditional room (100 m²) is ideal for conferences and theoretical contents through classic seminars. A mezzanine (20 m²) can be used for workshops.

The 100 m² yurt in a natural and modern style is suitable for floor exercises with its warm wooden floor.

We can promote your training program on our website if you wish so (on our blog & newsletter).

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What is available on the Domaine de La Barre for your workshops & exercices

Meditation places

In the Domaine, many natural spaces are perfect for meditation exercices (active or on the ground).


The Domaine de La Barre has many old master trees et also healthy young ones. Ideal for your active meditation work in contact with trees.

Sensory pathes

Many areas of the Domaine are suitable for discovery sessions of the senses: touch (sand, grass, rocks, trees …), smell (plants, soil …), listening (insects, animals, pond …) and of course sight and taste (picking is possible) with all the living around.

Harvesting & gathering fruits & plants

Perfect for raw or natural cooking training sessions. Take advantage of the Domaine’s fruits & plants to prepare meals (raw food, jam, etc.). Access to the vegetable garden is possible. Return to the training room for a joyful cooking time.

Your trainees will feel confortable

For the comfort of your trainees in the Domaine’s natural areas, you can find dry toilets and bins. The entire site is surrounded by tall, wild hedges which provide security and quietness.


Pond's flora and fauna

Ideal for naturalist, botanist or entomologist trainers. The pond of La Barre is classified as a Natural Zone of Ecological Faunistic and Floristic Interest. It abounds in dragonflies, amphibians, butterflies and also mammals, birds, flowers and wild plants.

Islands for danses & ethnic rythms

The pond has three islands for meditation, dancing or singing time.

A tiny chapel

Vestige of the Templars period, taken over by the Order of Malta, a tiny chapel is located at the entrance area. It is accessible under conditions (contact us).

Writing and tales telling

At La Barre, you are in Poitou, a region which harbors treasures of local stories, tales and legends. These inspiring treasuries are ideal for trainers on writing or story telling.

Imagine telling tales aroud a fire on one of our islands.

Let us know your needs!

Your host is a good expert of the world of training, he is introduced to many different methods. Therefore, he will understand and even anticipate your specifc needs. Do not hesitate to contact him: he will help you to ensure the success of your organization and the well-being of your trainees (accommodation, meals, specific needs related to your practice).

Traditional room:

  • Capacity for up to 70 people,
  • Equiped kitchen, tableware,
  • Toilets, bathroom,
  • Tables, chairs, screen and sound system.


  • Capacity for up to 90 people,
  • Dry toilets outside,
  • Tables, chairs

Rental of the traditional room: 360 Euros for 2 consecutive days and 160 Euros per additional day (tax included). Long-term package (5 days and more): 10% reduction.

Rental of the yurt: 420 Euros for 2 consecutive days and 180 Euros per additional day (tax included). Long-term package (5 days and more): 10% reduction.

Accommodation prices are detailed in the “Accommodation” tab.