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Necessarily, a region which invites Rabelais and Mélusine fairy, it makes sparkle the ideas!

About the Domaine de La Barre

Today, the domain covers 140 acres, including the farm Saint-Michel, the historical pound of La Barre, a parc with accommodation and outdoor activities, and a chapel.

The Domaine de La Barre is settled on a historical territory where Templars monks lived in the 12th & 13th centuries. Numerous vestiges and historic documents still remain around the place.

The Templars place of Gourgé was called Saint-Georges de La Lande or La Lande de Gourgé. The land and the pound of La Barre paid a pension to the commanderie of knight templars, linked with the great commanderie of Montgauguier (in Vienne French department). The pound and its dam were built at that time.

In 1313, all the properties of the templars monks were confiscated by the king Philippe Le Bel and given to the knights of the order of Malta. That is the reason why the tiny chapel at the entry of the domain has a Malta cross on its roof. The walls are a remain of older buildings whom stones were used to build the chapel.

The chapel was restored recently by the Robins, after historic searches. A spiritual strength bound can be felt there, due to its origins. The Robin family, and, since its recent arrival, the Pervanchon family, are eager to sustain.

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The Saint-Michel farm for the life of soil, plants & animals

The farm Saint-Michel was created and named by the Robin family, settled in Gourgé for centuries. The family owned the farm in the middle of the 20th century. Joel Robin tells the story in his book « Au nom de la terre, la foi d’un paysan » (no translation in English – « In the name of Earth, the faith of a peasant » is the title). In the 90’s, Jean, the Joël’s son, and his wife Anne change the strategy of the farming system: they decided to develop rural tourism, and to convert land into organic farming. A vision of pionneers!

A new milestone in 2018 was the search of a partner to transmit step by step the farm. Jean & Anne chose the Pervanchon family and Frank became a farmer to work with them. Knowing the high level of consciousness of the Robin family, Frank decides to be a real gentleman-farmer, keeper of the earth and live beings of the domain. He wants to promote soil abundance and fertilty. His aim for the farm Saint-Michel: to feed humans thanks plant organic seeds. An ode for the green kingdom, to sustain all form of life!

Domaine de la barre ferme saint-michel gîte hébergement chalets puy du Fou Futuroscope

Your host and his family

« My name is Frank, and I will enjoy to welcome you here, at the Domaine de La Barre, close to the medieval city of Parthenay. My childhood in Niort, spending many hours in the Marais Poitevin, the Green Venice, made me discover Poitou, with its strengths and its mysteries, the birthplace of Rabelais and Mélusine. What a start!

I studied agronomy and work first for rural development as a trainer for farmers and farming advisers. More recently I was research engineer for the French Ministry of Agriculture. When I was 43, I chose for a big, big change: I decided to settle in North Poitou with my wife & my two daughters. It is a shared & voluntary choice for the four of us, each having his own motivations.

My work in La Barre is in the continuity of my predecessors: the Robins who have developed this place with know-how, energy & love. I am grateful to them for having accepted to transmit their knowledge and their land.

For me, the Domaine de La Barre is a starting point from where I want to receive, train, offer resting & playing times to people. I settled in La Barre because I can feel here the energies of the Garden of Eden, radiating humane & compassionate manner. People visiting La Barre, I know it, perceive its spiritual, natural & material forces. It’s a highly fertile & creative place, good for mind and body!

Welcome to La Barre ! It’s for me a source of joy to offer you time in such a living place. est une source de joie et, je le souhaite vivement, de partage d’attentions délicates aux humains et à la terre nourricière. To live on this Domain is a real revival!

Yours truly

Frank »