Zoos & Aquariums

Zoodyssée – Location : Chizé (~ 1 hour)

Zoorama de Chizé is an exceptional place where European fauna is presented in a natural setting: 30 ha of the national forest of Chizé, in Villiers-en-Bois.

Aquarium of La Rochelle

A little further, at an hour and a half drive, La Rochelle is worth the detour with its monuments and its beautiful aquarium.

Valley of Monkeys – Location : Romagne

Created in 1998, the Valley of Monkeys is a zoological park dedicated to primates. It is a place of entertainment, knowledge of the wild world and ecological awareness for the preservation of the many monkey species.

Planet of Crocodiles – Location : Civaux

Planet of Crocodiles is a tourist site for all audiences in the midst of a tropical jungle atmosphere with amazing animals as companions, and an impressive collection of plants and trees.

Bioparc – Location : Doué la Fontaine

The creators of this magnificent place have strong values ​​and engage the Bioparc of Doué la Fontaine in the conservation of biodiversity, considering the animals of the park as the ambassadors of their wild cousins.

Parc animalier – Location : Chatillon sur Thouet

A few minutes from the Domaine de La Barre, located just behind the town hall of Châtillon sur Thouet, you can walk in the animal park and observe peaceful animals halfway between domestic and wild: donkeys, deer, peacocks, swans, deer, ducks, greylag geese …. Open and free access all year round.

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